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The first-of-its-kind bundle of proposal templates for content writers, marketers, and strategists who want to execute a content strategy and get to the next level. 

In this pack, you’ll get proven templates that have worked for our agency before, so you can propose a better client engagement—with clear deliverables, timelines, and pricing.

Good Ideas ≠ Good Money

If you want to win clients, you need to be able to create a killer proposal. 

A good proposal is one that’s not just transactional but experiential. It takes your clients through a journey from where they are now to where they will be after availing your services. 

It doesn’t just have the deliverables listed for you but also has the process, milestones, and timelines alongside the ‘next steps’ for the client. 

In this killer template bundle, you’ll have the exact outlined (and editable) proposal to help you reel in clients and close more deals… 

Because here’s the thing…

A lot of us know how to deliver a result, whether it’s helping a client grow on social media or writing a high-converting landing page.

But how do you concretize the deliverables in your proposal; will it be 6 tweets every week? How do you charge for community building on a social platform?

Maybe the client has just started out and has no idea of their voice and tone; how do you propose a strategy before the actual copy of the landing page?

What if I tell you that there’s a way in which you can present your offer and charge for your ‘process’ along with content deliverables?

If you’re a copywriter

You probably put a lot of time and effort into understanding how you can position the brand and highlight the brand’s unique selling proposition.

Imagine being able to put it together into pages of filed ideal customer profile, competitor positioning, and how the brand will communicate its product value.

Insane value addition, right?

If you’re a content writer

Imagine being able to put all of your blog research into one page and give your clients the list of things they need to audit. 

Plus, a documented voice and tone guide that they can circulate internally and refer to later.

If you’re an SEO writer

How about being able to segregate top, middle, and bottom-of-the-funnel content and giving an overview of the ROI your content pieces can potentially bring to the business?

If you’re a marketing consultant

How about being able to map your entire sales funnel from ads to emails to socials, blogs, and finally the sales page?

You get the idea….

The best part? We all do the processes mentioned above, maybe we just don’t think about documenting and sending it to the client. 

But all of these are very critical pieces of content planning and strategizing that when presented and done right can help you charge better and make your clients fall in love with your work. 

This template bundle of 10 proposals is made to help you understand how you can put together these research pieces in your offer and win your project. 

It’ll also give you an insight on what are the different deliverables you can offer in a strategy. 


3 ways this strategy bundle will help you 
amp up your freelancing game

Discover all the parts of your research process that can be packaged as a strategy or extra bonuses that you can send the client. 

Get exclusive access to templates that have worked for our agency and that you can model your future proposals on.  

Pull your inspiration together, edit our templates to create your own boss proposal, and start pitching these to prospects.

Value: $600
Get access today for free.

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SOW. NDA. Retainer Agreement. Invoice
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Free Bonus Template

Once you’ve closed a contract, you want to send a clear Statement Of Work, with the exact scope of your project, a non-disclosure agreement, a retainer contract, and an invoice. 

Remember, clients will pay a premium to freelancers and consultants who will take them through an experience rather than a transaction.

And so we’ve designed these docs to be a perfect next step to the proposal. 

When you order your bundle today, you get free access to these templates that you can send as next steps & secure your project.